A paving producer in Poland was experiencing frequent breakdowns due to bearing failures in a vibrating thickener machine. The bearings were mounted in an electric motor which supported unbalanced weights providing the vibration. In a period of 4 months the customer experienced 10 failures and each time it took 2 hours to replace the bearings. The existing bearings were experiencing grease leakage and high operating temperatures in excess of 110°C. NSK engineers performed an application review and recommended that the existing shielded bearings be replaced with NSK high integrity fluoride rubber contact seals.

Key Facts

  • Concrete (sett) thickener
  • High temperature and vibrating conditions
  • Grease leakage and high temperature identified as cause of bearing failure
  • NSK solution: Deep Groove Ball Bearings with high temperature fluorine DDU seals and special material rings with  increased clearance
  • Extended lifetime resulted in zero maintenance requiremement after NSK bearings were fitted
  • Cost saving based on reduced failures and minimum maintenance requirement
  • Vibrating Thickener
Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 874x555
  • High Temperature Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Value Proposals

  • The customer experienced many failures in a vibrating motor application. NSK engineers performed a failed bearing analysis which showed grease leakage and high operating temperatures as the cause
  • An application review showed that the existing shielded deep groove ball bearings were inadequate. NSK recommended high temperature contact seals in combination with special material rings and C3 clearance
  • A trial was conducted on the NSK options and the results showed zero failures in the second 4 months period
  • This resulted in a significant reduction in maintenance costs, improved productivity and zero lost production providing a large cost saving for the customer

Product Features

  • Steel Cage
  • Heat stabilised rings
  • C3 Internal clearance
  • High temperature grease
  • High performance in contaminated environment
  • Temperature stability: up to 150°C
  • Longer bearing life through superior seal performance (Viton® Seals)

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Regular bearing failure - up to 20 per 8 months season €200 No bearing failures within a 4 months season €100
Maintenance: 20 electric motor à 100 € each €2.000 No maintenance within a 4 months season €0
Lost in production per year: 40 hours à 750 € each downtime €30.000 No lost of production within a 4 months season €0
Total Costs €32.200 €100



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