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An international manufacturer of elevator gearboxes was experiencing irregular and unscheduled stoppages of its product during operation. NSK investigated the problem and found out that there was a complex and difficult to assemble bearing arrangement resulting in inconsistent performance. NSK implemented through its machine design consultancy service a much simpler solution featuring a fully integrated bearing assembly unit. This two-row flanged bearing unit reduced the number of components, was easier to assemble, gave superior performance and had the benefit of supplier rationalisation.

Key Facts

  • Gearbox manufacturer
  • Gearboxes for elevators
  • Irregular and unscheduled stoppages
  • Failures through complex and often incorrect assembly of bearings and components
  • Demand for greater performance and extended service life
  • Trials with NSK flanged bearing units
  • Approval of solution after successful trial
  • Result: reduction of assembly costs and staff deployment
  • Elevator gearbox
Flanged Bearing for Gearboxes
  • NSK flanged bearing unit

Value Proposals

  • NSK’s investigation showed that problems arose during installation of the bearings
  • NSK training of employees in the installation and removal of bearings
  • Machine design consultancy proposed NSK integrated flanged bearing unit
  • Reduction of assembly costs and staff deployment
  • Great improvement in the bearing performance and reliability
  • Cost savings of approx. €103.750 per annum

Product Features

  • 40° contact angle for high axial forces
  • Compact design
  • Specially developed seal material for gear oil
  • Negative operating clearance
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Housing sealed by O-Ring

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing costs (incl. parts) €169.000 Costs of flanged bearings €227.500
Assembly costs (approx. 466h x 35€/h) €16.333 Assembly costs (approx. 116h x 35€/h) €4.083
Personnel required to replace bearings €150.000 Personnel required to replace bearings €0
Total Costs € 335 333 € 231 583