A wood producer in the UK manufactures wooden beams for the construction industry, mainly housings. The walking beam moves the beams along a parallel track. It uses 20 mm linear guides in a back and forward motion - with rapid changes in direction. The far eastern linear guides were not capable of withstanding the forces caused by the direction changes, and fail about every 2 weeks in one of the many machines. NSK investigated the failures and recommended NSK linear guides with K1 seals. Since fitting, the NSK Linear solution has been running for over 6 months without a single failure, saving downtime, fitting time, and associated frequent purchasing costs.

Woodworking - Conveyors
  • Woodworking Industry
Linear Guide with K1 Lubrication Unit
  • Linear Guide with K1 Lubrication Unit

Key Facts

  • A wood producer had a regular failures in the linear guides used in a walking beam
  • The application had to carry large forces through rapid direction changes and the products were contaminated with wooden particles
  • NSK recommended linear guides with K1 lubrication unit
  • After changing to NSK Linear guides the application was running without any failure for more than 6 months
  • This helped to save down time and fitting time

Value Proposals

  • NSK review of all the applications and define the root causes of the failure
  • Training on technical capabilities of load capabilities
  • Training on technical capabilities and load capbilities of linear guides
  • K1 lubrication unit and long term oil supply due to its structure

Product Features

  • Long-term, maintenance-free operation
  • Double seals for additional protection
  • Effective sealing function
  • Applicable to all the linear guide models
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs € 16 970 Bearing Costs € 212
Engineering Costs € 1 228 Engineering Costs € 47
Costs of lost production € 61 375 Costs of lost production € 2 361
Lubrication Costs € 14 Lubrication Costs € 14
Other Costs: Purchase order processing € 909 Other Costs: Purchase order processing € 0
Total Costs € 80 496 € 2 634



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