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A cotton yarn machine producer asked NSK for a bearing handling training in terms of proper lubrication. The customer experienced difficulties in lubricating the bearings due to the small gap between the rings and cage. This resulted in grease wastage and unsatisfactory lubrication of the bearing. They consulted NSK who designed and produced a special nozzle and grease pump. The customer was then trained in best practice lubrication techniques using the new grease pump and nozzle this resulted in reduced grease losses and no further problems with relubrication.


Key Facts

  • Machine for cotton yarn
  • Problems with re-lubrication of bearings
  • NSK Solution: special lubrication equipment
  • After the use of the lubrication unit no further problems occured during re-lubrication of the bearings
  • Cotton Yarn Machine
  • Special Grease Pump

Value Proposals

  • An NSK expert held practical training to the maintenance staff about the correct way to relubricate bearings
  • NSK designed and produced a special grease pump with a narrow nozzle in order to relubricate the bearings without problems
  • After the training and the use of the grease pump no further problems with the regreasing of bearings appeared
  • No more grease losses during maintenance occured

Product Features

  • NSK designed special grease nozzle design combined with grease pump

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Maintenance time reduction and less grease looses € 1.800 Reduced maintenance time and grease usage € 0
NSK training about proper bearing lubrication € 1.600 Training completed € 0
Total Costs € 3 400 € 0