An Italy-based OEM designed a reducer gearbox featuring NSK Spherical Roller Bearings for a cold roll steel mill application. Engineers needed to review bearing performance as part of a routine commissioning trial. However, to strip the gearbox and dismount components would have cost 17,450€ and delayed the project.

How can we eliminate the time and cost of gearbox disassembly?

The cost of stripping down the gearbox was unacceptable, as was the impact of delay on the steel mill.

Problem / Challenge

Survey and Analysis

NSK performed Condition Monitoring as part of an AIP survey.

Condition Monitoring is a method to determine the condition of internal system components, such as bearings and gears, without any need for disassembly.

Gearbox delivered on-time, since when it has provided excellent service

Condition Monitoring showed that all components were in optimum condition without any need for further action. Avoiding the need to disassemble the gearbox eliminated the previous costs of 17,450€.

NSK Solutions, results and benefits for the customer
Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

  • Live assessment of system condition and health
  • Predicts life of critical components
  • Provides early warning of problems

>> Condition Monitoring

Cost Savings – Disassembly and commissioning time


€ 17,450

NSK Solution

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Cost savings

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