A contractor working with disc harrows had huge problems with failed bearings during or after the farming season. Regular bearing replacement and maintenance was costing 8,000€ a year.

Why is the bearing operating life so short?

The company wanted to find a way to extend the lifetime of their machines and cut the costs associated with regular bearing replacement and maintenance.

Problem / Challenge

Survey and Analysis

NSK investigated the failed bearings.

It was determined that bearings were failing because of contamination during use, or blocking of the discs after periods of standing unused.

Extended and more reliable soil preparation moving forwards

NSK was able to offer its maintenance-free Agri Hub solution, which gives extended lifetime due to its heavy-duty sealing and lifetime greasing pack. The units were totally interchangeable with the current arrangement and had the added benefit of easy mounting due to a modular design. Previous costs were therefore eliminated.

NSK Solutions, results and benefits for the customer
NSK Agri Disc Hub

NSK Agri Disc Hub

  • Extended operating life
  • Improved sealing
  • Maintenance-free

>> NSK Agri Disc Hub

Cost Savings –
Bearing replacement, downtime and maintenance costs


€ 8,000

NSK Solution

€ 0

Cost savings

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