A cement plant in the US was experiencing premature bearing failures due to contamination in its slurry pumps. Bearings were only lasting 2-3 months, leading to bearing replacement, downtime and maintenance costs of 96,616€ per year.

Why are cement slurry transfer operations frequently interrupted?

Cement plants are notoriously challenging in terms of their operational environment. Pumps with bearings not suitable for the conditions means more frequent failures and downtime.

Problem / Challenge

Survey and Analysis

NSK evaluated the slurry pump bearing application.

Contamination entering the existing bearings was causing premature failure and unwanted costs.

Extended and more reliable soil preparation moving forwards

NSK recommended replacing the previous, poor-performing bearings with TF Tough Steel Series Angular Contact Ball Bearings, which are ideal for use in demanding, heavily contaminated environments. The move has reduced costs by 56,176€, even when including the costs of providing NSK technical training to 10 customer employees in best-practice installation and maintenance techniques.

NSK Solutions, results and benefits for the customer
TF Tough Steel Series

TF Tough Steel Series

  • Outstanding toughness in harsh conditions
  • Superior wear resistance
  • 10 times more service life with contaminated lubricant

>> TF Tough Steel Series

Cost Savings – Total bearing costs


€ 96,916

NSK Solution

€ 45,440

Cost savings

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