Bearings - 2008-05-02

Handling Instruction Booklet - Asset Improvement Programme


NSK’s new booklet, “Handling Instructions for Bearings”, is designed to help bearing users overcome the damaging effects of incorrect mounting and improper handling, which are the most common causes of premature bearing failures.

The free publication is one of the most comprehensive of its type, running to forty pages and divided into five sections. These deal with all aspects of bearing procedures, including handling of bearings, mounting, maintenance and inspection, dismounting and bearing storage.

All of the sections are easy to assimilate, and are complemented by charts and graphs that provide at-a-glance information on such factors as fits for radial, thrust and taper bearings, grease types and properties, temperature and thermal expansion, preload, tolerances for housing bore diameters, and many more.
In addition to the comprehensive charts, what also sets the Handling Instructions publication apart are the pages, in the maintenance and inspection section of the publication, devoted to images of bearings that have failed. Each image is in full colour and is accompanied by a description of the symptom of the failure and its cause.

Free copies of “Handling Instructions for Bearings are’ are available from NSK’s Marketing Department: Tel: 01636 – 605123. Callers should quote the publication reference HIB/A/E/01.08, and also the title of the publication.

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