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Our Mission

NSK’s products are incorporated into automobiles and industrial machinery to control friction and reduce energy consumption. As such all NSK products contribute to global environmental protection.

Leveraging these product characteristics, we develop environmentally friendly products designed specifically to save energy and resources and to provide comfort for end users.

In addition NSK continues to work with its supply chain to ensure the use of hazardous substances is eliminated and to increase the use of environmentally sustainable raw materials.

                                                                                      Recent achievements                                                               


NSK has developed an ‘NSK Eco-efficiency Indicator’ (Neco) score as an internal guide against which to quantitively evaluate the environmental contribution our products make. 

Green Procurement
  • New suppliers must sign up to NSK green procurement standard
  • Hazardous Substances must be declared and where possible eliminated
Green Steel
  • 30% of NSK Europe's bearing production uses low carbon green steel produced at carbon neutral steel plants
Examples of newly developed NSK products assessed as providing a significant contribution to the Environment 
ROBUSTDYNA™ Ultra-High Speed High Load Capacity Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • Improved base oil and thickener
  • Reduced friction
  • Improved fuel economy (energy efficiency)
  • Extended travel range
Low friction Hub Unit Bearings for EV
  • High load capacity
  • High impact resistance
  • Ultra-high speed performance
  • Long-term stable operation
  • Improved productivity


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