A wellknown tyre manufacturer had unexpected bearing failures on a conveyor belt during the tyre manufacturing. After only a few weeks of running, the conveyor bearings were damaged. An NSK Engineer analysed the bearing condition, revealing that open type bearings were installed allowing contamination to enter. NSK recommended to use sealed bearings with low torque in order to avoid additional loads. A trial was implemented and the recommended bearings significantly increased the lifetime of the bearings.

Key Facts

  • Conveyor for Tyre Manufacturing
  • Start of new machine
  • Unexpected bearing failures after only a few weeks of running
  • The analysis showed that the original open type bearing design was not appropriate for maintenance reliability
  • NSK Solution: Sealed Bearings (VV) with low torque
  • Due to low torque the machine setup and running conditions were not affected
  • Due to the sealed bearing solution significant maintenance costs were saved
  • Conveyor for Tyre Manufacturing
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing - VV seal

Value Proposals

  • An NSK expert performed an initial inspection and created a detailled report on the application
  • The originally used open type bearing were not appropriate for this application
  • NSK recommended to use sealed bearings (VV non contact seals)
  • No issue was detected after trials with new bearing
  • Mounting of bearings was reliable and quick

Product Features

  • Trouble-free operation
  • Patented labyrinth constructions ensures the highest levels of sealing
  • Low torque, ensures low power loss too
  • Sealing material environmentally friendly nitrile rubber
  • Dustproofing: good
  • Torque: very low
  • Constant revolutions: high
  • Protection against lubrication leakage: good

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Mounting time 100 hours with hourly rate 80 € / hour
80 conveyors
€ 8.000
Reduction of Maintenance Intervention Time € 5.000
Study & Report : equivalent to 10 hours of work
Standardization of bearing solution
Reliability of bearing mounting
€ 1.800
Total Costs Before NSK Solution


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