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Bearings - 2009-03-04

Seal Clean Spherical Roller


NSK has launched a new range of sealed- clean spherical roller bearings (SRB) for use in industries such as quarrying and construction, paper and steel making. Combining high levels of ingress protection and operating reliability with long term maintenance- free operation, the sealed-clean SRB help to extend equipment life in demanding environments, where contamination or lubricant loss might otherwise cause premature bearing failure.

The new SRB are an extension of NSK’s sealed clean range, which is well proven, providing longer maintenance free intervals and longer life across all industries from automotive to steelmaking. They are equipped with spring-loaded nitrile rubber seals, which have a peripheral bead to prevent them from separating from the bearing in the demanding applications for which they are designed.
In addition to keeping contaminants out, the seals provide an equally important function of keeping lubricant in. The sealed clean SRB are charged with a special long life grease, Emalube 8030, which provides excellent performance against heat and pressure. The integrated seals prevent this lubricant from leaking out. As a result, maintenance and lubricant costs are reduced, and the bearing user also benefits from a cleaner ECO Friendly environment and long term maintenance free operation as a result of limiting grease degradation.

The sealed clean SRB are manufactured from super- clean vacuum degassed steel, a highly pure material that delivers high reliability and longer operating life. They are designed with symmetrical rollers which provide uniform contact with the bearing raceways, preventing unusual edge loads between the rollers and raceway surfaces under heavy load conditions.                  

In addition, the bearings deliver smooth axial movement on their free- end side as a result of a special chamfer and unique design improvements on the periphery of the raceways.

Although benefiting from protective seals, the new SRB have the same capacities and ISO dimensions as standard SRB. They are available in a wide range of sizes from 50mm ID (90mm OD) to 130mm ID (280mm OD), providing basic load ratings up to 1350000N.

The combination of high levels of protection and high load ratings means that the sealed SRB are suitable for use in a wide range of demanding applications; in steel and paper making, in bulk handling and materials handling.

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