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Bearings - 2016-11-25

NSK’s  deep groove ball bearings - 6000 series

evinci Mobility GmbH, an innovative start-up company based in Munich, Germany is using drive and chassis bearings from NSK for its ‘Pike I’, a new concept in two-wheeled transportation that is capturing the attention of admirers the world over.  

“The Pike I is a global first: it combines the easy handling and dynamics of a bicycle with the power of a motorbike,“ says Klaus Rohde, founder and CEO of evinci. “Furthermore, it performs just as well on rough terrain as in city traffic.“

However, it is not only the bike concept that is new, but also its drive system. The central component is the patented drive design, which has been developed internally by evinci's parent company LSP. The PM (permanent magnet) electric motor transfers power using a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) that
switches gears automatically under full load to ensure smooth acceleration. The drive allows the bike to accelerate from 0 to 40km/h in just 4 seconds, while still retaining high efficiency.

“As Pike I is also intended for off-road use, and naturally has to withstand wet conditions, open bearing locations have to be exceedingly well sealed,“ explains Mr Rohde.

evinci was supported in the design phase by NSK, which recommended that the drive be equipped at multiple points with high quality 6000 series deep groove ball bearings. These popular NSK bearings are manufactured in high purity steel to reliably withstand radial and axial loads. Depending on the specific application, 6000 series bearings are equipped either with a seal, or simply a shield. For those applications where a seal is required, NSK’s proven DDU technology represents a very efficient, patented labyrinth seal which combines outstanding sealing properties along with low friction levels.

For the internal bearing points, open NSK deep groove ball bearings are used. In total, five different bearing types and sizes are installed on the Pike I. According to eVicni, smooth running and compact design (which also ensures low weight) were the key factors governing drive component selection. 

"The co-operation with NSK worked very well,“ says Mr Rohde. “We only use high quality components from suppliers because we have stringent requirements with respect to finish, reliability and durability.“

Series manufacture has now commenced and the first distributors have witnessed considerable interest in the Pike I despite the fact that the sales network has yet to be completed. Further evolutions of this innovative hybrid vehicle are planned for the near future.


Smooth running and compact design were among the selection criteria for drive components on the evinci Pike I

Source: evinci Mobility GmbH

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