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Bearings - 2016-06-20

To help ensure the optimised and profitable operation of machinery and equipment, NSK has introduced its AIP+ Added Value Programme. Designed to deliver a complete bearing care package, AIP+ uses a quartet of innovative maintenance and service tools – condition monitoring, mounting tools, laser alignment and lubrication solutions – which have been carefully developed to help maximise machine performance and operating life.

NSK’s Condition Monitoring Service (CMS) is a comprehensive health check for operational machinery. Offering a consistent process of application, CMS comprises an initial assessment to check both the suitability of CMS and define its monitoring route. This is followed by data collection using NSK vibration,
temperature and speed measuring equipment, along with data analysis to check the health of the machine, and full reporting including recommended actions.

Any unwanted forces, such as those resulting from out-of-alignment or out-of-balance conditions, will be easily identified following application of the NSK condition monitoring equipment, which can measure vibration, for example, in three axes simultaneously. The monitoring equipment will also pick up any issues relating to lack of lubrication or the potential for early fatigue. NSK already has a fully trained team of CMS experts in place that is able to respond to requests across Europe.

With regard to NSK’s selection of bearing mounting tools, these have been designed to ensure that all bearings are handled and fitted correctly, without damage. To obtain optimum performance, bearings must be fitted correctly, both on to a shaft and into a housing. Due to the fact that one ring of the bearing will have an interference fit, installation requires special tools so that the necessary force is applied evenly to the fitted ring. Alternatively, heat can be applied to achieve assembly, again using NSK tools supplied as part of AIP+.

For those who rely on NSK bearings, it is imperative to use NSK tools as this is the only way to ensure correct assembly and disassembly. All NSK mounting tools are now in stock ready for dispatch. If required, a package can be offered that includes training in how to achieve best practice fitting and removal.

Another powerful tool in NSK’s AIP+ portfolio is laser alignment. NSK’s alignment tools are designed to minimise losses and ensure the machine gives optimum performance with the lowest energy. Industry research suggests that a staggering 50% of machines run out of alignment, which leads to higher loading
and lower overall performance.

Finally, NSK can also offer lubrication solutions as part of its new AIP+ Added Value Programme, a proven maintenance practice that is essential for extended bearing and machinery lifetime. In an era where typical maintenance budgets can range from 15 to 40% of annual turnover, any savings that can be generated are certain to deliver a highly positive effect on profitability. NSK’s AIP+ has been developed to help plant engineers achieve these savings as part of a structured and proven process.

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