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Linear Motion Control - 2016-08-23

NSK has enhanced its range of compact actuators for high load applications in industrial machines. The Toughcarrier series, which adds to the company’s existing Monocarrier MCH family, is a ready-to-install range of linear systems for applications that include machine tools, robotic handling systems, Automotive assembly and welding lines, and automated measuring equipment.

In the Toughcarrier series, the linear guide balls have been replaced by cylindrical rollers, delivering considerably greater load capacity and rigidity compared with Monocarrier MCH units. Both parameters have values that are four times superior in the direction of load.

Toughcarrier and Monocarrier units are designed to facilitate highly precise and repeatable positioning tasks found commonly in automated production processes. Both types of actuator are signified by their exceptionally compact design and light weight, while the surface treatment of the slider and rails ensures excellent corrosion protection. In addition, due to the all-in-one approach of integrated ball screw, support bearings and rail, the units are quick to install.

Importantly, customers can decide on a case by case basis which range they would prefer to use without having to impart any design modifications. This is because Toughcarrier and Monocarrier MCH actuators feature identical dimensions and are fully interchangeable with one another. 

At the drive end of Toughcarrier units, the ball screw support bearing is fitted with angular contact ball bearings, while deep groove ball bearings feature at the floating end. As a result, the slider runs freely without any backlash. Proven, NSK-developed K1 units are deployed to provide lubrication, although to further promote reliable, maintenance-free operation (even in dusty environments), an optional cover for the screw shaft is available.

Supplied as a preassembled machine axis in three basic slider sizes, Toughcarrier units are offered in lengths of 150 to 1380mm, and in a wide selection of lead variants. The units can be driven either by a timing belt or a motor.




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