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Company - 2017-11-16

The names of the first four NSK distributors to successfully become Certified AIP (Added Value Programme) Partners have been revealed at an award ceremony staged as part of the company’s European industrial distributor convention in Madrid: Margo (Poland), Primagra (Romania), REA Hellas (Greece) and UAB Dagmita (Lithuania). Many other distributors have also started the programme and are expected to complete in early 2018.

NSK is continuing its drive towards full technical and customised services through the transition of authorised distributors to a specialist network of Certified AIP Partners able to deliver total solutions. All Certified AIP Partners are proven as competent at investigating and solving technical issues, and offer specific applications expertise and sector know-how. Such partners also provide MRO project leadership and knowledge of NSK’s entire product portfolio.

In return, Certified AIP Partners can add value to their business via the potential to grow revenue and enhance professional reputation. Further benefits include better customer support with the availability and demonstration of AIP+ maintenance tools, greater publicity and promotion via NSK press releases and online portals, and sharper competitive edge in local markets.

Distributors from 20 different countries attended the convention in Madrid, which was held in October 2017.

All four companies awarded with Certified AIP Partner status have been through a complete training and evaluation process as part of a 10-stage development programme. This process helps them to deliver more in-depth services for customers such as AIP surveys, training and cost savings in collaboration with NSK's added value support.

Ultimately, AIP changes the emphasis of distributors to support customers as total solutions providers, resulting in improved production performance and reductions in operating costs. Only selected distributors have the potential to become Certified AIP Partners due to the level and capability of their field sales and engineering teams.

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