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Company - 2017-01-12

Initially available in English language format from January 2017, the new ‘NSK academy’ (www.nskacademy.com) training platform will provide a range of technical courses focusing on the latest NSK bearing and linear technologies and their correct application and maintenance.

The NSK academy will offer online self-study training modules and technical seminars, giving users the opportunity to improve their existing technical knowledge and practical skills.

Visitors to the online portal have to complete a simple registration process to gain access to the NSK academy, after which they will be able to login and view customised content and recommended training modules.

The first e-learning module available is ‘Bearing Basics’, which is aimed at those involved in MRO, OEM, distribution and logistics functions. Its content focuses on topics such as the basics of friction, bearing knowledge (load types and part numbers) and technical information like fits, clearance and precision. The module will also impart knowledge on subjects such as different bearing types, mounting, dismounting and troubleshooting.

Anyone involved in customer service/sales, product management, field services/sales, technical support/maintenance, engineering, R&D or logistics will benefit from ‘Bearing Basics’, as will students, trainees and apprentices. Course completion will result in learners knowing how to select, mount and dismount bearings,as well as how to store them, identify bearing failures and apply countermeasures. All users can obtain a certificate by module upon completion, which requires a 75% success rate in answering questions per module.

Moving forwards, the NSK academy will continue to add training modules, while video tutorials and many other training related materials will also be introduced to the platform. A German language version will be launched at the beginning of 2017, followed by further European languages moving through the year ahead.

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