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Company - 2017-03-17

NSK has been presented with the Cho Monozukuri Innovative Parts and Components Award for its NH/NS Series Linear Guides. Established by the Japanese government in 2004, this prestigious award recognises the valuable contribution that manufacturing makes to both industry and society. NSK’s NH/NS Linear Guides have double the lifespan of conventional products due to the inclusion of specially developed features such as a new ball groove. The judges said that the linear guides and the technology behind them earned the award by contributing to longer equipment lifespan and smaller system size.


Souichirou Katou (left, General Manager) and Jun Matsumoto (right, Manager) from the LG Technology Department at NSK’s Linear Technology Centre in Japan display the Cho Monozukuri Innovative Parts and Components Award.


Applications for NSK Linear Guides include machine tools, robots, laboratory automation, medical imaging equipment, liquid crystal and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive manufacturing systems, factory automation and healthcare equipment to list but a few. The latest NH/NS series offers significant advantages over previous generation linear guides, such as improved productivity and longer maintenance intervals. For instance, up to 1.3 times greater dynamic load rating is provided to help achieve 100% more fatigue life. Dynamic load rating is an index value for evaluating linear guide load bearing performance, with a larger value indicating longer lifespan.

Further advantages of NSK’s NH/NS Linear Guides include an increase in speed capability of 1.5 to 3 times depending on size, a 3dB noise reduction and improved ease of motion. In addition, the installation dimensions are purpose-designed to be the same as the conventional LH/LS Series, permitting them to be adopted without modifying equipment design. The NH/NS Series also allows a combination of rails and bearings to be used with popular options such as the NSK K1 lubrication unit for long-term, maintenance-free operation.

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