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Bearings - 2017-03-08

The Bearing Doctor app from NSK helps identify issues before costly failures occur

Bearing manufacturer NSK has launched a new free-to-download app for maintenance engineers and technicians tasked with troubleshooting machinery or equipment featuring rolling bearings. The Bearing Doctor app for smartphones and tablets, is designed to help identify issues at an early stage, thus allowing preventative measures to be taken before costly failures occur.
When a bearing is damaged during machine or equipment operation, the entire system can seize or malfunction, leading to expensive repair situations along with unscheduled downtime and loss of production. 
However, using NSK’s Bearing Doctor troubleshooting app, engineers and technicians can find information about correct bearing handling, mounting, lubrication and maintenance, in order to prevent premature failure.
For instance, correct mounting influences the bearing’s running accuracy, life and performance, while the selected lubrication (grease or oil) must always match the application conditions and purpose.
There are many different failure mechanisms that can occur with rolling bearings, such as flaking, peeling, scoring, smearing, fracture, denting, pitting, fretting and creep, to list but a few. To help simplify matters, the Bearing Doctor app provides colour photos of typical bearing failures, thus ensuring precise identification of the fault. From this information it is possible to discover potential causes.
Further features of the app include recordings of the sounds made by different bearing types in operation. 
This allows users to compare the recorded sounds with those generated by their own bearings if they suspect a fault.
NSK’s Bearing Doctor app is designed for engineers/technicians and specialists in field service/sales, customer service/sales and technical support/maintenance. It is available in English and can be used on Android and iOS mobile devices.
Convenient links can be found at http://www.nskeurope.com/multimedia or the NSK academy online platform, www.nskacademy.com.
 NSK Bearing Doctor troubleshooting app helps engineers and technicians learn about the failure diagnosis and maintenance of bearings

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