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Bearings - 2018-04-25

NSK mechanical tools for bearings

Anyone interested in learning about the best-practice mounting and dismounting of bearings using mechanical tools can register at the NSK academy (www.nskacademy.com) online training platform to discover the latest AIP+ (Added Value Programme) tutorial.

Comprising a course, video and questionnaire, trainees can work their way through the new mechanical tools module, receiving a certificate upon successful completion.

The correct installation and de-installation of bearings is paramount to the optimum running and ongoing care of machinery, which is why purpose-designed mechanical tools have been produced by NSK. To help users maximise the benefits of these tools, a new tutorial is now live at the NSK academy.

For bearing mounting, the module explains how to select the correct size impact ring and sleeve from NSK’s FTN333 fitting kit. The right combination of these elements will ensure that mounting forces are never applied through the rolling elements of a bearing, thus avoiding potential damage. How to transfer load successfully on centreline also forms part of the tutorial’s video element.

Bearing dismounting using NSK’s BPN62 puller kit, without damage to the shaft or housing, starts by selecting the correct extraction screw and puller arm, as highlighted in the training module. Factors such as how to locate positively on the bearing raceway and guarantee even extraction force, also feature.

NSK’s mechanical tools tutorial joins a growing number of training modules on AIP+ maintenance and service tools now available at the NSK academy. Each one is designed to provide support for optimum machine performance and trouble-free operations.

Using the correct elements from NSK’s FTN33 fitting kit ensures that mounting forces are never applied through the rolling elements of a bearing   

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