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Company - 2019-04-12

NSK Calculation Tools

NSK has unveiled two new Calculation Tools that can predict potential savings for end users. The quality and longevity of the company’s bearing solutions ensures that significant cost savings are achieved over the operating life of the products. NSK’s development of the web-based Calculation Tools, which are linked closely to its established and proven AIP Added Value Programme, means end users are now made aware of the savings on offer, as well as the time required to achieve amortisation.

The two new Calculation Tools – Cost Saver and Cost-Benefit Analysis – are now available. Multiple languages with multi-currency options can be selected, while PDF reports can be downloaded and sent by email to the end user.

The Cost Saver tool helps to identify all bearing-related costs, comparing and calculating the total saving, whatever the industry or application. To complement the cost saving, the Cost-Benefit Analysis tool (MTBF) examines the total maintenance costs of a machine and calculates the point when investment payback will be achieved after adopting the NSK bearings. Once amortisation has been achieved, the new solution will typically contribute to reducing overall maintenance costs.

Customers can simply enter data about the NSK bearings and the previous end-user solution into a small selection of fields. The Calculation Tools are easy to use and results are generated instantaneously. Language and currency options include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

NSK is committed to providing TCO (total cost of ownership) savings to its customers as part of AIP, so the release of these user-friendly Calculation Tools is highly beneficial to end users who can now see – in clearly set-out PDF reports – the financial gains available. The Calculation Tools can be accessed at aip.calculations.nskeurope.com

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