Angular Contact Ball Bearing - High Capacity

The high capacity Angular Contact Ball Bearings are designed with larger balls to increase the fatigue life.
Compared to conventional bearings, the side bores are larger and the side shoulders are smaller. Major benefit is the increased clearance between inner ring and cage which improves the oil flow through the bearing (by 40 %).

Condition Description

  • High Load


  • Petrochemical
  • Injection Moulding

Product Features

  • Range will replace 7312BW - 7316BW series.
  • Equipped with pressed steel cage.
  • Up to 1.6 longer fatigue through larger balls.
  • Side bores of outer rings are larger, while side shoulder of inner rings are smaller. Increased clearance between the inner ring and cage leads to improved oil flow through the bearing. Oil pass speed is improved by 40%.


  • Increased clearance
  • Improved oil flow
  • By 40% improved oil pass
  • Bore sizes from 60 to 80 mm
  • Available as paired


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