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The demand for Hybrid Vehicles has been rising rapidly thanks to the low fuel consumption and low emissions realised through a more efficient integration of the engine and electric motor. There is a growing need to reduce torque loss in the bearings used in the transmissions of the new generation hybrid cars. NSK new Low-Torque Ball Bearings for Hybrid Vehicle Transmissions enable a 50-65% improvement in frictional loss compared to conventional bearings, contributing therefore to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. This innovative product is featured in the new Toyota Prius.

Condition Description

  • Low Friction


  • Automotive

Product Features

  • Number of balls dramatically reduced
  • Optimization of ball diameter, race dimensions and clearances using special analysis technology
  • Specially shaped cages made in resin


  • Torque reduction of 50-65% compared to conventional bearings
  • Lubrication oils agitated through the introduction of the specially shaped cages, leading to significant improvement in frictional loss
B110-27 T85R
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B110-27Bearing Type
T85RCage Type