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Grinding Machine

significantly impacted on the bearing overall performance.

Vacuum Pump

Condition Monitoring Service review of the plant.

Belt washer

increase of bearing life from 3 months to over 12 months

Band Saw Machine

Groove Ball Bearings using Molded-Oil lubrication.

Cotton Yarn Machine

bearings due to the small gap between the rings and cage.

Wood Milling Machine

some small particles of sawdust as the root cause.

Furnace Fan Motors

the use in applications with higher temperatures.

Ink Pad Roller

resulting in no bearing failures reported within a month.

Table Guide for Woodworking Machines

machine and reduced fitting times for the bearings


conditions (production dust, high shaft temperature).

Electric Motor

reduced and the bearing service life could be increased

Centrifugal Pump for Water Treatment

answer the requirements on specific applications.

Centrifugal Pump

performed a bearing failure investigation on site.

Stacker Line

NSK Success Story - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry - Stacker Line: Improved equipment reliability, 88% decrease in breakdowns

Collet Closer

Bearings at the front and the back side of the spindle

Workhead Dresser

correct the error, the fault remains unidentified.

Centreless Grinding

bearings within the spindle arrangement were faulty.

Spindle of Grinding Machine

Monitoring Service prior to replacing the bearing.

Horizontal Machining Centre

increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs

Main Spindle Shaft

looking for standard bearings to match his requirements.

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