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Machine Tools

designed training around the needs of the customer.

Maintenance training for precision bearings

machine tool spindles to a french car manufacturer

Mixing Machine

ready to stop the machine and dismount the bearings.

Carbon Fibre Manufacturing

NSK Success Stories - Carbon Fibre Manufacturing: NSK AQUA bearings result in zero failures in an 8 month period

Machining Centre - Valve Manufacture

NSK Industries - Machining Centre, Valve Manufacture: NSK Sealed Angular Contact Bearings increase spindle life from 4 months to 1 year.

Tyre Manufacturing

and efficiency whilst reducing unplanned failures.

CNC Spindle

production plant had to change the bearings every 2 weeks.

Motor Spindle

NSK Industries - Motor Spindle: improvement of bearing performance and reliability, significant reduction in manufacturing costs

Machine Centre

failure of the Ball Screws in the Machining Center.

Machining Centre

NSK Industries - Machining Centre: NSK proposed a sealed spindle bearing with significant improvements in bearing life.

Tyre Production

proposed to solve the problem caused by corrosion.

Conveyor for Tyre Manufacturing

weeks of running, the conveyor bearings were damaged.

Exhaust Ventilation Application

NSK Industries - Exhaust Ventilation Application: Spherical Roller Bearings and NSK training "Application of NSK Bearings" improve productivity

Wire Manufacturing Machine

machine for the production of multi-material wires.

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