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Band Cutters in a Dough Machine

speed series with food grade K1 lubrication unit.

Main Make-Up Conveyor

in bearing life and reduction of machine down time

Milk Bottle Conveyor

bearings on a conveyor approximately every 16 weeks.

Aluminium Can Manufacturer

NSK Industries - Aluminium Can Manufacturer: NSK proposed its non-contact VV seals together with a change to bearing geometry

Conveyor Belt

NSK Industries - Conveyor Belt: A German vegetable-processing company was experiencing repeated ball bearing failures on one of its transport systems.

Milk Processing Plant

NSK Industries - Milk Processing Plant: NSK recommended Molded-Oil inserts and Silver-Lube® plastic housings

Pick & Place Unit

replacing the standard bearings with NSK Molded-Oil units.

Cereal Baggers

NSK Industries - Cereal Baggers: NSK K1 Lubrication Unit was proposed together with a new guide and rail assembly

Germination Vessel - Stirrer Units

application which is used in the germination vessels.

Conveyor System

NSK Industries - Conveyor System: NSK’s Molded Oil mounted-unit inserts double the service life

Conveyor Tail Drum

existing double-row ball bearing with grease lubrication

Snack Foods Manufacturer

bearings increasing bearing life from 4 to 12 months

Band Saw

lubricant was degraded from the daily mashine wash.

Potato Washer

NSK Industries - Potato Washer: NSK Molded-Oil ball bearings increase bearing life from 4 months to over 8 months

Meat Slicer Machine

investigated and could achieve a lifetime extension.

Mecatherm Dough Mixer

NSK Industries - Macatherm Dough Mixer: NSKHPS bearings resulted in life improvements 3 to 4 times that of before

Belt Tensioner

causing corrosion, grease washout and seal damage.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Unit

maintenance cost and a significant annual cost saving

Confectionary Washing Process

NSK Industries - Confectionary Washing Process: NSK recommends using stainless steel Molded-Oil deep groove ball bearings to prolong the bearing life

Barrel Washer

drum, bearings were under water once per rotation.

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