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Overland Conveyor Head Pulley

bearing and a downtime in production every 18 months.

Band Saw

NSK Industries - Band Saw: NSK Deep Groove Ball bearings with high performance DDU sealing show a significant improvement in bearing life

Conveyor Application for a Quarrying & Mining Company

maintenance costs resulting in a €14.389 cost saving

Vibrating Drum

NSK Industries - Vibrating Drum: Failed Bearing Analysis showed that fine sand particles were entering the bearing causing early failure

Vibrating Screen

NSK Industries - Vibrating Screen: reduction in manufacturing costs, improvement of bearing performance and reliability

Autoclave Bogie Wheel Assembly

significant reduction in hardware colateral damage.

Ceramic Roof Tile Manufacturer

NSK Industries - Ceramic Roof Tile Manufacturer: Reduced running friction resulting in reduced actuator pressure

Concrete Floor Manufacturing Unit

NSK Industries - Concrete Floor Manufacturing Unit: Machine failures reduced from 20 per year to zero.

Quarry Conveyor Tail Drum Assembly

NSK Industries - Quarry Conveyor Tail Drum Assembly: RHP Self-Lube® with Triple Lip Seals extend the service life from 4 months to over 1 year.

Shaker Screen

CMS service to analyse the condition of the bearing.

Concrete Drilling Bolter Machine

reinforcement in their underground mines and tunnels.

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