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Angular Contact Ball Bearings
with SURSAVE Cage

New ultra-high speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings developed for the main spindle of machine tools: Low NRRO, low heat generation and high-speed performance.

The SURSAVE cage is applied to the NSKROBUST series of ultra-high speed angular contact bearings. 


Product Features

  • Optimised internal design
  • Lower vibration and runout of the cage reduce NRRO* by half
  • 20% reduction of heat generation compared to conventional bearings under high-speed conditions
  • 20% faster than conventional bearings

    *NRRO = non-repeatable runout


  • Higher accuracy
  • Higher speed rotation
  • Improve productivity
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduction of NRRO improves the process surface quality and reduction of heat generation helps to suppress thermal desplacement 


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