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Ball Screw Quadrant Glitch Reduction  Technology

The occurrence of machine tool quadrant glitches during circular interpolation routines are an established issue. Thanks to innovation from NSK, it is possible to mitigate the effects of this unwanted phenomenon.

In a world-first, new NSK technology is able to stabilise friction whenever the ball screw reverses the direction of motion, significantly reducing the propensity for quadrant glitches.


Product Features:

  • Reduced frictional variation when the ball screw reverses the direction of motion, thereby reducing quadrant glitches (motion errors) in machine tools.
  • The second spike cannot be fully compensated for the function of a servo controller, but ball screw NSK technology eliminates the second peak and reduces the first peak.
  • Achieves a higher quality finish on the workpiece surface and shortens the finishing process, ultimately contributing to energy savings and increased machine tool productivity.



                                                            Press Release

NSK reduces Machine Tool Quadrant Glitches during Circular Interpolation

Press Release


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