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A German vegetable-processing company was experiencing repeated ball bearing failures on one of its transport systems. NSK was commissioned to investigate the problem. During the investigation it was determined that a large amount of water was entering the bearings and washing out the grease fill. Therefore, NSK suggested the use of sealed, corrosion-resistant Molded-Oil Bearings, thus increasing the bearing life from approximately 2 weeks to over 9 months.

Key Facts

  • Conveyor Belt
  • Processing of vegetables (foodstuffs)
  • Frequent failure of the standard bearings
  • Service life of the standard bearings only 2 weeks
  • Increased service life required
  • NSK solution: Molded-Oil Bearings
  • Result: Bearing lifetime increased from 2 weeks to over 9 months

Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt
Molded-Oil Bearings Molded-Oil Bearings

Background Information

  • Sector: Food & Beverage
  • Country: Germany
  • End-product: Vegetables
  • Application: Conveyor belt

  • Number of machines: 1
  • Approx. Lifetime: 2 weeks
  • Problem: High maintenance costs due to bearing failure

Value Proposals

  • The investigation carried out by NSK revealed that severe water ingress was causing problems (grease being washed out of the bearings)
  • Use of corrosion-resistant Molded-Oil bearings

  • Service life was significantly increased
  • Cost saving realised

Product Features

  • Molded-Oil provides continuous supply of lubrication oil
  • Stainless steel for corrosive environments
  • Grease-free property with no oil refilling keeps operating environments clean
  • Operating life more than twice as long as grease lubrication, in water or dustcontaminated environments

  • Contact-seal type available in standard inventory for ball bearings
  • Achieves extended maintenance-free performance as Molded-Oil provides a continuous supply of lubricant. Available for high speed applications
  • Available in ball bearing, spherical roller bearing and tapered roller bearings types

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Costs for Lubrication € 6.377 No Lubrication costs € 0
Costs for mounting and dismounting the bearings € 2.938 No costs for mounting and dismounting of the bearings € 0
Total Costs € 9.315 € 0

Reference: SS-E-1022

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