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Flavia Nesti

Position: Business Analyst & Internal Sales Team Leader
Site: Italy

"The best thing is that my job never becomes routine."

"I started my career at a small, family-run business. I soon realised that I wanted a wider range of tasks, more challenges and more opportunities for further professional development. As a global company, NSK can offer me all that, which is why I’ve been here since 1994.

When I joined NSK, I started off in a newly created sales department. My job was to monitor all the important figures and trends for this new division. Having trained in financial controlling and completed a degree in computer analysis, I was very well prepared.

At NSK, I have always been given the opportunity to take on new responsibilities based on my experience. I am now a business analyst and internal sales team leader. That means I’m in charge of the customer management team, oversee the workflows and I am responsible for business analysis and the financial controlling/reporting system.

It’s a fantastic challenge! On the one hand, I have to be service-oriented in my work and regularly draw up new lists of suitable analytical criteria. On the other hand, my job demands that I keep developing my leadership skills to maintain my team’s commitment and motivation.

NSK is a global organisation with more than 20,000 employees. Nevertheless, it seems to me that everyone here can share in NSK’s success as long as they give their all."

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