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Many of our customers have been purchasing online for many years and have extensive electronic connectivity with us. We recognise that each customer has different needs, and we are able to offer the appropriate technology to satisfy all different purchasing requirements.


We have an extensive EDI network to support our customers. If you would like to establish an EDI connection with us, click here to fill in the form.


WEBSAM allows authorised distribution partners and selected OEM customers to search for information, order online, and check stock availability. Contact our local sales office to apply for a login.

If you have a login, click here to access WEBSAM.


NSK is an active member of the SupplyOn electronic marketplace serving the automotive, aerospace, railway and engineering industries. The marketplace allows companies to submit tenders to NSK. For more information, please contact SupplyOn directly.

Within Germany, Tel: 0800 - SU PP LY ON (0800 - 78 77 59 66)
Outside Germany, Tel: +800 - SU PP LY ON (+800 - 78 77 59 66)

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