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Fracture refers to small pieces which were broken off due to excessive load or shock load acting locally on a roller corner or rib of a raceway ring.
  • Impact during mounting
  • Excessive load
  • Poor handling such as dropping
  • Improve the mounting method (shrink fit, use of proper tools)
  • Reconsider the load conditions
  • Provide enough back-up and support for the bearing rib


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Fracture 1

Part: Inner ring of a double-row cylindrical roller bearing
Symptom: Chipping of the center rib
Cause: Excessive load during mounting

Fracture 2

Part: Inner ring of a tapered roller bearing
Symptom: Fracture of the cone back face rib
Cause: Large shock during mounting

Fracture 3

Part: Inner ring of a spherical thrust roller bearing
Symptom: Fracture of the large rib
Cause: Repeated shock load

Fracture 4

Part: Outer ring of a solid type needle roller bearing
Symptom: Fracture of the outer ring rib
Cause: Roller inclination due to excessive loading (Needle rollers are long compared to their diameter. Under excessive or uneven loading, rollers become inclined and push against the ribs.)


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