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Milk Bottle Conveyor

NSK Industries - Milk Bottle Conveyor: A market leading milk processing and bottling plant was experiencing repeated bearing failures on 5 lines of conveyors. They were changing bearings on a conveyor approximately every 16 weeks.

Aluminium Can Manufacturer

NSK Industries - Aluminium Can Manufacturer: NSK proposed its non-contact VV seals together with a change to bearing geometry

Conveyor Belt

NSK Industries - Conveyor Belt: A German vegetable-processing company was experiencing repeated ball bearing failures on one of its transport systems.

Milk Processing Plant

NSK Industries - Milk Processing Plant: NSK recommended Molded-Oil inserts and Silver-Lube®; plastic housings

Conveyor System

NSK Industries - Conveyor System: NSK’s Molded Oil mounted-unit inserts double the service life

Conveyor Tail Drum

NSK Industries - Conveyor Tail Drum: NSK proposed Molded-Oil Spherical Roller Bearings to replace the existing double-row ball bearing with grease lubrication

Band Saw

NSK Industries - Band Saw: An abattoir was experiencing frequent breakdowns due to bearing failures on a band saw application. Two bearings in back-to-back configuration were mounted on each band saw wheel, which supported the cutting blade and rotated at 1500rpm.

Mecatherm Dough Mixer

NSK Industries - Macatherm Dough Mixer: NSKHPS bearings resulted in life improvements 3 to 4 times that of before

Belt Tensioner

NSK Industries - Belt tensioner: A producer of frozen pizza was facing regular bearing failures witth a belt tensioner on a food conveyor belt. The cleaning process of the production line with water was causing corrosion, grease washout and seal damage.

Dough Prove

NSK Industries - Dough Prove: A Tortilla Wrap manufacturer was experiencing short service life on its pillow block bearing units mounted in the multiple belt dough prove section of the process line.

Cutters - Cream Line

NSK Industries - Cutters in Cream Line: A customer was experiencing repeated bearing failures on their blade saw pulleys within the cake cutting units at their bakery.

Food Production Conveyor

NSK Industries - Food Production Conveyor: significant improvements in bearing life, increased reliability and reduction of unplanned downtime.

Baby Leaf Harvester

NSK Industries - Baby Leaf Harvester: A processor of food products harvests baby leaf products for sale to leading supermarkets. Its leaf harvester machine had a variety of low cost mounted unit bearings to support shafts of various sizes.

Feed Conveyor

NSK Industries - Feed Conveyor: A customer reported regular bearing failures on the feed conveyor in their animal feed production plant. These premature failures led to costly downtime while engineers replaced the units.

Bleed Shackle Roller

NSK Industries - Bleed Shackle Roller: An animal slaughter production line was experiencing regular failures of Deep Groove Ball Bearings used in a bleed shackle roller application which is used to transport animals along the production line.

Barrel Washer

NSK Industries - Barrel Washer: A producer of machine for vegetable treatment was experiencing problems on its barrel washers. With the rotation of the washer drum, bearings were under water once per rotation.

Band Cutters in a Dough Machine

NSK Industries - Band Cutters on a Dough Machine: A bakery was experiencing regular failures on their linear guides on band cutters. NSK proposed a stainless steel Linear Guide, high speed series with food grade K1 lubrication unit.

Pick & Place Unit

NSK Success Stories - Pick & Place Unit: A company in the Food & Beverage industry was experiencing repeated bearing failures on a Pick & Place Unit Roller. NSK recommended replacing the standard bearings with NSK Molded-Oil units.

Cereal Baggers

NSK Industries - Cereal Baggers: NSK K1 Lubrication Unit was proposed together with a new guide and rail assembly

Germination Vessel - Stirrer Units

NSK Industries - Germination Vessel: A supplier for a major UK Brewery was experiencing regular failure of bearings for their grain stirrer application which is used in the germination vessels.


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