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Why Shaft Alignment is Important

Correct alignment of shaft drive systems is increasingly important in an environment where machine performance and maintenance costs are key considerations. Misalignment can result in unnecessary forces being applied to the machinery leading to increased wear and vibration causing premature bearing failure and thereby costly machine downtime.


LAS-Set – the NSK Solution to All Your Shaft Alignment Needs

The LAS-Set uses dual line lasers for easy set-up, even at larger distances, and digital sensors with high resolution for precise results. Additionally, a display unit that provides an icon-based, intuitive, step-by-step guide, makes the entire alignment process both straightforward and quick.

The process is simplified further by the use of wireless technology pairing the sensor units to the display. Wireless connectivity also serves to improve access and make for easy location of the display unit.

Ultimately, LAS-Set offers the capability to turn an expert task into a standard maintenance process that is simple and fast to perform, thus helping to minimise machine downtime and maximise productivity.


What are the Benefits of using the NSK Shaft Alignment
LAS-Set ? 

  • Simple to use with easy user interface
  • Dual laser heads with digital sensors
  • Built in tolerance recommendations
  • Softfoot check to ensure motor is stable on its base
  • Live measurements whilst adjusting with  simple red/green indicator for in or out of tolerance
  • Easy to save results via USB connector

Resulting in

  • Increased bearing lifetime
  • Increased machinery uptime, efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced wear of seals and couplings
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced costs for component replacement
  • Reduced friction and hence energy consumption
  • Reduced vibration and noise


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