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Why Belt Alignment is Important

Correct alignment of belt drives is increasingly important in an environment where machine performance and maintenance costs are key considerations. Pulley misalignment can result in unnecessary forces being applied to the machinery leading to increased wear and vibration causing premature bearing failure and thereby costly machine downtime.

LAB-Set – the NSK Solution to All Your Belt Alignment Needs

With the LAB-Set, you are never in doubt of whether your belt transmissions are aligned or not. By using the V-grooves as reference, you will achieve precise alignment which reduces belt wear, bearing failures and vibration.

NSK’s laser alignment solution LAB-Set contains two line laser transmitters, making alignment far more accurate than single laser head types. Each set is equipped with a range of magnetic spring loaded guides which snap into the pulley grooves. This makes it very easy to mount the laser units on the pulley.

The alignment process is as easy as the mounting. Just turn on the lasers and look at the opposite mounted unit. The laser shows as a line on the target label as in the illustration to the right. If necessary, adjust your machine position until the laser lines are aligned with the centre mark. This is done for both units which ensures accurate alignment at a distance up to 6m.

What are the Benefits of Accurate Belt Alignment for You?

  • Increased bearing lifetime
  • Increased machinery uptime, efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced wear of pulleys and belts
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced costs for component replacement
  • Reduced friction and hence energy consumption
  • Reduced vibration and noise

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