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Why Correct Mounting and Dismounting is Important

Up to 20% of all bearing problems are caused by poor assembly techniques.

Bearings are a key component in any moving machinery and require careful application to ensure they perform to their full potential. They have to be correctly fitted both onto a shaft and into a housing. Fitting a bearing requires special tooling in order to apply the necessary force in the correct place or by heating components to achieve assembly. These considerations are not always applied leading to the bearing being damaged during the assembly or the removal process. This damage can range from indentations in the bearing raceways to seal deformation or even bearing ring cracking. Similarly with removal, damage to the bearing and its surrounding components can be costly and cause problems with future assembly. No matter what type of damage it can be assured that the bearing will not perform to its designed life causing premature machine failure and high maintenance costs.

To overcome these problems, NSK offers a complete range of specialist tools that ensure the bearing is fitted and removed without damage. This is complemented by NSK training courses which teach best practice in using these tools and helps engineers to develop safe and efficient assembly procedures.

Interference Fits

For most bearings, either the inner or the outer ring (in certain cases even both) are mounted onto the shaft or into the housing with an interference fit.

Incorrect Mounting

During cold mounting of a roller bearing, it must be made sure that the mounting forces are always applied to the ring with the interference fit. Mounting forces should never go through the rolling elements. The raceway can be damaged by application of force on the wrong bearing ring.

Correct Mounting

The danger of damaging raceways can be minimized by the use of the specifically designed NSK fitting tools. Raceway damages can be prevented with the correct tools.

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