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The Complete Bearing Care Package


NSK focusses on the care of your bearings with the comprehensive AIP+ package for maintenance on machines.

The different machine maintenance tools and bearing repair services  tools will give you support for optimum machine performance resulting in life long operation.

Condition Monitoring

NSK’s Condition Monitoring Service (CMS) keeps track of the pulse of your machine, providing the best health check for running machinery.

Mounting Tools

NSK’s range of bearing maintenance tools ensures that all components are handled correctly without being damaged. Having the correct tools for the job ensures that machines are assembled and dismantled correctly and efficiently.

Laser Alignment

NSK’s alignment tools minimise losses and ensure your machine gives optimum performance with the lowest energy. Over 50% of machines run out of alignment which causes higher loading resulting in lower overall performance.

Lubrication Solutions

Keeping your bearings lubricated is essential for extended lifetime. NSK’s range of lubricant solutions will help you achieve the best performance.

Maintenance Tools AIP+ Literature

Bearing Mounting Tools

Mechanical tools, Hydraulic tools, Induction heaters

Condition Monitoring

CMS Assessment, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Reporting

Laser Alignment Tools

Shaft-Set + Belt-Set

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