NSK Environmental Policy

Corporate Philosophie

Our commitment to environmental management forms the basis of our existence and our pursuits. We are determined to take independent and assertive actions, aiming to establish recycling-oriented societies.

1. Prevention of Global Warming
To actively support efforts to prevent global warming by developing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and technologies.

2. Reduction of Negative Environmental Impact
To establish and continually improve environmental management systems and systems for the management of chemical substances in products; To comply with regulations, to prevent pollution, and to reduce environmental impact.

3. Contribution to Societies
To be actively involved in the social development of the local communities where we operate by promoting our global corporate activities, to create an affluent societies that is in harmony with the environment, and to promote the preservation of biodiversity.

Initiatives on CO2

NSK Initiative on CO2 Emissions Reduction

Since 1999, our plants have been focused on reducing CO2 emissions from our own manufacturing facilities as well as producing products to minimise energy consumption. Having consistently exceeded a year-on year target of 1% CO2 reduction per production unit, we are also reducing the absolute CO2 emission levels, independent of production levels. This will be achieved through investment in advanced, environmentally friendly facilities and through a global initiative on waste reduction.

Find out more about bearings and our positive impact on the environment by visiting the World Bearing Association website.


Reach - NSK's Declaration

As both an importer and downstream user of chemicals, NSK is committed to meeting all its legal obligations required under REACH.

NSK Europe REACH Declaration

NSK Europe Notification of SVHC’s in Products 



Control of Hazardous Substances

All NSK products comply with relevant legal requirements such as the ELV and RoHS Directives. In addition, NSK has established its own list of prohibited and restricted substances published in NSK's Green Procurement Standard. All key component suppliers are compelled to respect this standard.

NSK Europe RoHS Declaration



Within the NSK Group Environmental Policy, it is required that all manufacturing sites obtain ISO14001 certification within 5 years of commencing operation. This policy has been consistently met and at present NSK has 47 manufacturing plants that have achieved ISO14001 certification.

In Europe, all of our manufacturing facilities hold ISO14001, certified by an independent accreditation organisation through regular audits.

Copies of the certificates can be downloaded from the Downloads section.


NSK Europe Reach Declaration


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NSK Europe Notification of SVHC in Products


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NSK Europe RoHS Declaration


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NSK Technical Journal

Motion & Control No.31


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NSK Technical Journal

Motion & Control No.32


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