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High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Ultra High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings - ROBUST Series

These bearings offer improved thermal robustness, low heat generation, & improved seizure rates.  >>

High-Speed Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings - ROBUST Series

High rigidity thrust bearings for lathe applications.

Sealed Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Sealed bearings - free of contamination, before and during operation while providing high level machining performance.  >>

Angular Contact Ball Bearings with SURSAVE Cage - Ultra-High Speed

Ultra-high speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings using the new cage “SURSAVE" for the main spindle of machine tools. This cage is applied to the NSKROBUST series of ultra-high speed angular contact bearings: low NRRO, low heat generation and high-speed performance >>

NSKHPS Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

This new range have an extended bearing life by 15% compared to conventional bearings.  >>

Wide-series sealed Angular Contact ball bearings

Wide Series designed for Machine Tool main spindles, longer life due to sealing & more space for grease.  >>

Oil-Air Lubrication Angular Contact Ball bearings

Oil-Air Lubrication works as a safe, economic & pollution free lubrication for high-speed bearings.  >>

BSBD Series of Ball Screw Support Bearings

The NSK BSF/BSN Series of ball screw support bearings are designed to specifically meet the demanding requirements of modern machine tools. >>

Sealed Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings for Ball Screw Support

Sealed Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings for Ball Screw Support  provide excellent resistance to ingress of coolant and metal chippings, while providing highly rigid and accurate ball screw support. >>


NSKTAC-SHR Series Ball Screw Support Bearings for High Load Application

The series allow users to maintain high capacity performance with a smaller diameter of the screw shaft end. >>

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