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Linear Guides - DH/DS Series

Applying the special TF heat treatment achieves even longer life, expanding design possibilities for more compact and longer-lasting machines. TF technology helps suppress surface flaking on the raceway. >>

Lubrication Unit - NSK K1-L

Lubrication Unit - NSK K1-L for Linear Guides

The industry is aiming to maximize maintenance-free operation to generate the highest efficiency. The NSK K1-L unit delivers a new level of long-lasting lubrication. >>

Lubrication Unit - NSK K1

The composition of the K1 material consists of 70% mineral oil and 30% polyolefin resin. NSK’s K1 lubrication unit ensures long-term, maintenance-free operation as well as the long operating life of components under tough lubrication conditions. >>


Linear Guide V1 Series - Highly Dust Resistant

NSK’s most advanced high-performance seals deliver more than four times longer operating life under contaminated environments than conventional models >>

NH and NS series of linear guides

Linear guides from the NH and NS series offer maximum precision combined with extremely high load ratings >>

HA-Series: High-Accuracy Linear Guides

High-performance Linear Guides with outstanding motion accuracy: designed for super high-accuracy machine tools or measuring equipment. >>

Miniature PU Series / PE Series

Light weight, compact and easy to use, NSK miniature Linear Guides ensure smooth operation. >>

LW-Series Wide body Linear Guides

The design of the guide is similar to the NH type, but the width of the rail is oversized, in order to bear high moment loads in rolling direction. The LW-Series is available as interchangeable type with off the shelf availability for prompt delivery in a wide range of sizes. The LW-Series sliders are available with K1 lubrication units for maintenance free operation.

Corrosion Protection for Ball Screws and Linear Guides

NSK applies a fluororesin coating as a surface treatment on electrolytic anti-rust black film as the optimal rust prevention coating for linear guides and ball screws. >>

New High-Performance Seal for Roller Guides

Positive locking and resistant to wear – those are the main properties of NSK’s new high-performance seal developed specially for ultra-fine and abrasive foreign matter. >>

Linear Roller Guide RA Series

In response to the demand for guides with high load capacity, rigidity, high-speed, high-precision, high-quality, as well as to the demand for easy maintenance, rolling guides which have above features are becoming prevalent. In order to meet these requirements, NSK, have developed new Linear Roller Guides and we have been widely accepted for the newest machines. >>

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