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It is not enough just to find people who have the right knowledge, the right abilities and who work well together, but these people must then be integrated successfully into the company's operations.

This is what effective Human Resources can achieve. Offering people career prospects and supporting their identity in harmony with the company’s is often challenging.

Above all, making sure that these factors lead to the financial success of the company is what NSK Human Resources stands for.

The NSK Principle

The NSK Principle is based on 4 key values: Speed, Service, Passion and Teamwork.

These values are the hallmarks of the training of our specialists and management teams and form the basis of our performance management.

Speed means using facts and judgement to make quality decisions in the shortest time possible and thereby achieving success by only concentrating on what´s essential.

Service involves maintaining close communication with customers, understanding their needs and then guaranteeing delivery on target as promised.

Passion is the inspiration of excellence, enthusiasm, loyalty and fun.

Teamwork means everyone pulling together and supporting the involvement of our employees. The basis for this is a value oriented management team that makes heavy demands on itself, sets clear targets and bears individual growth potential in mind.

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