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Meat Slicer Machine

NSK Industries - Meat Slicer Machine: A producer of pork products was facing repeated bearing failures on 14 Meat Slicer Machines. The customer needed to change bearings on each machine monthly. NSK investigated and could achieve a lifetime extension.

Rotating Unions

Car Wash - Rotating Unions - NSK propose to change from the existing VV sealing arrangement, to bearings fitted with DDU seals.

Plate Rolling Mill

NSK Industries - Plate Rolling Mill: NSK Sealed Clean 4 row tapered roller bearing assembly reduce grease disposal costs & maintenance time.

Quarry Conveyor Tail Drum Assembly

NSK Industries - Quarry Conveyor Tail Drum Assembly: RHP Self-Lube® with Triple Lip Seals extend the service life from 4 months to over 1 year.

Pilger Mill

NSK Industries - Pilger Mill: NSK proposed a special Spherical Roller Bearing with optimised internal design and Super Tough (STF) steel.

Aluminium Can Manufacturer

NSK Industries - Aluminium Can Manufacturer: NSK proposed its non-contact VV seals together with a change to bearing geometry

Machine Tools

NSK Industries - Automotive: A UK car manufacturer wanted to increase the skill base of their engineering team specifically in the repair and maintenanceof machine tool spindles. NSK designed training around the needs of the customer.

Paper Mill Combustive Air Unit

NSK Success Stories - Paper Mill Combustive Air Unit: NSK High Temperature Specification bearing reduce maintenance requirement and make re-lubrication operations no longer necessary.

Paper Roll

NSK Success Stories - Paper Industry - Paper Roll: Significant cost saving could be realised, as machine downtime and maintenance were eliminated

Stacker Line

NSK Success Story - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry - Stacker Line: Improved equipment reliability, 88% decrease in breakdowns

Underground Train Traction Motor

NSK Industries - Underground Train: An overhaul and maintenance company for underground trains in the UK had a requirement to reduce service costs of traction motor bearings by increasing the time between overhauls whilst maintaining reliability.

Cold Rolling Mill - Steel Strip

NSK Industries - Cold Rolling Mill: NSK 4-row WTF (Water-Tough) Bearings for a better resistance to damages caused by debris ingress.

Hot Strip Mill

NSK Industries - Hot Strip Mill: A large manufacturer of steel wanted to increase replacement intervals for 4-row Tapered Roller Bearings used in the hot strip mill. Due to severe operation conditions, standard bearings provided 1.400 hours of operation.

Hot Mill

NSK Success Stories - Rolling Mills - An Spanish Steel Mill Company was experiencing bearing life times much shorter than desired. The unexpected failure of the bearings caused production stoppages, causing lost time and money.

Conveyors - Glas Recycling

NSK Success Stories - The end customer is a specialist in the field of glass recycling in Germany at multiple sites. The regular maintenance of the conveyor and sorting systems is carried out by the in-house workshop service team with conventional tools.

Walking Beam, Material Handling

NSK Success Story - Walking Beam: A well known British steel company asked NSK to provide an alternative bearing design for prematurely failing rolls on the walking beam system. NSK modification helped to increase the calculated bearing lifetime to 83.000 hours or 7,2 years. 

Rod Mill Chocks

NSK Success Stories - Rod Mill Chocks: Correct fitting of bearing and spacer instructions were given to the customer to maximise bearing life and avoid failures.


Success Story - Milling - A manufacturer of insulation material is producing Styrofoam on milling machines including conveyor systems. Maintenance is carried out with standard tools. The company required an investigation about the practices on the assembly and disassembly of the rolling bearings.

Dough Prove

NSK Industries - Dough Prove: A Tortilla Wrap manufacturer was experiencing short service life on its pillow block bearing units mounted in the multiple belt dough prove section of the process line.

Exhaust Ventilation Application

NSK Industries - Exhaust Ventilation Application: Spherical Roller Bearings and NSK training "Application of NSK Bearings" improve productivity


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