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Ultra-Long-Life Ball Bearings for Transmissions

NSK News - NSK develops Ultra-long-life Ball Bearings for Transmissions, designed to make bearings more compact and lightweight, with less friction.

NSK Develops Energy-Saving Bearings for High-Efficiency Motors

News - NSK Develops Energy-saving Bearings for High-efficiency Motors. Increasing motor efficiency by cutting friction loss in half.

VW Up! Featuring Steering Column EPAS and Bearings Produced by NSK

NSK News - VW up! featuring steering column EPAS and bearings produced by NSK: Energy-saving power steering for VW’s smallest model

NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

News: NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show-Creating A Road to the Future through Innovation. Now And Always. Contributing to the Future through Compact/Lightweight, Low Friction Loss, Ultra High Speed Rotation & the Development of Mechatronic Products

NSK Develops a Lead-Robot with Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities

News:NSK develops guide robot combining external recognition & obstacle avoidance technology; reducing blind spots & increasing stability. Combination and unification of robot drive technology, recognition technology & robot-human interface technology.

NSK Develops a Guide-Dog Style Robot

NSK guide-dog style robot: utilises a newly developed external recognition technology & guidance function to detect the position of stairs, autonomously recognise the shape of the stairs & then guide the user up and down staircases.

NSK Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Production Facility Hefei, China

NSK: Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Production Facility Hefei, China. Offering technical services, product development & design, technical customer support. Products including automotive & industrial bearings, steering components, & precision machinery

Choosing the Right Bearings

News:NSK choosing the right bearings. Expert advice can cut costs dramatically. NSK consultancy projects show that it's possible to significantly reduce costs & enhance both efficiency & productivity, by optimising the choice of bearings retrospectively.

European Commission Competition Inspections

NSK News - Norbert Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of NSK Europe Limited, confirmed that, on Tuesday 8 November, the Company was subject to an inspection by the European Commission at its offices in Ratingen, Germany.

Traction Motor Bearings for the Rail Industry

NSK Traction motor bearings. Today’s generation of trains are required to go faster & travel much longer distances without maintenance. With the adoption of AC traction motors, longer maintenance free intervals are required for traction motor bearings.

Angular-Contact Ball Bearings with Oil-Air Lubrication

NSK News - Robust Shot series of angular-contact ball bearings with oil-air lubrication for motor spindles in HSC applications

Ball Screws for High Speeds and High Loads

NSK News - HTF high-load ball screws with newly developed seal and optimised ball recirculation system for high speeds and high loads

Improved Cooling for High-Speed Ball Screws

Company » News » Improved cooling for high-speed ball screws: Temperature control at the site of friction

HMS-Series - High-Speed Ball Screws

NSK News - New high-speed ball screws run extremely quietly: For high-performance drive systems in machine tools

NSK’s Plant in Newark (UK)

NSK News - NSK’s European Industrial Business Unit and its plant in Newark (UK)- Bearings and linear technology made in Europe

PH Series for Highly Precise Linear Movements in Machine Tools

NSK News - PH series for highly precise linear movements in machine tools: Improved production processes ensure interchangeability

New Sealing Concept for Ball Screws: Improved Seal with Low Friction

NSK Latest News - New sealing concept for ball screws: Improved seal with low friction

New Angular-Contact Ball Bearings - NSKTAC-SHR Series

News - New angular-contact ball bearings for ball screw support applications - NSKTAC-SHR series

Injection Moulding: Achieving Higher Performance and Precision

NSK News » ENGEL E-motion: Electromechanics Replaces Hydraulics - Injection Moulding Achieving Higher Performance and Precision.

Ultra-High-Speed Large-Diameter Ball Bearings for Motors in Hybrid Cars

News: NSK Develops Ultra-High-Speed Large-Diameter Ball Bearings for Motors in Hybrid Cars - Bearings help to improve fuel economy and raise power output


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