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As the world’s population continues to grow, pressure on the food industries is increasing. We develop the products that help the agricultural sector to economically meet this growing demand.

Machines such as rotary cultivators, seed drills, combine harvesters, choppers, reapers and round balers have long been a common part of our countryside. But the demands placed on agricultural machinery have dramatically increased. Working ever larger fields in a short space of time is extremely challenging for the technology involved. Agricultural businesses must be able to rely on their machinery’s performance.

NSK’s aim is to help the agricultural machinery sector fulfill its task reliably & efficiently. We develop bearings to make agricultural machines more efficient, more powerful and more economical. High-performance, continuous lubrication systems, perfect sealing and highly developed bearings guarantee that our components have a long life – even in difficult operating conditions.

NSK upholds high standards during the development and production of every single bearing. This ensures that they will work reliably and flawlessly for many years.
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NSK Bearings for Tractors

Tractors are the most versatile agricultural machines and represent a significant investment for farmers. Whatever the task, tractors are primarily drive units for hauling or powering machinery such as seed drills and reapers, round balers, ploughs, harrows and manure spreaders.

This means that tractors have to work very precisely and efficiently. They must also be capable of withstanding the great demands placed on them during operation, where different application and climate parameters can lead to corrosion, vibration and dirt.

Performance, efficiency and reliability are the key considerations when choosing a tractor, and high-performance bearings play a major role here. NSK cultivates long-standing partnerships with leading tractor manufacturers around the world. With our expertise and experience, we can help your engineers to find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Total Quality Solution:
Double-row tapered roller bearings for tractor transmissions

This double row tapered roller bearing has been specially designed for tractor gearboxes. One row is equipped with long rollers, to accept high loads; the other row is equipped with small tapered rollers, to minimise the energy loss due to friction. This long life bearing was also designed to make handling and fitting into the housing easier, saving time and money for the customer.




NSK Flanged Bearing for Agriculture

Land quality is critical to the farmer's success. Good soil ensures that crops grow optimally, the taste of their grains, fruits and vegetables develop fully and they contain the nutrients vital for peoples' dietary needs.

To safeguard this high standard of quality, farmers need high-grade machinery. This is the only way for their soil to be cultivated so that it delivers the very best harvests long term.

Circular spike harrows provide the ideal preparation for plant growth and high-yield crops. Disc harrows create the perfect mixture of straw and soil which stimulates decomposition and enhances the soil’s natural nutrients.
Farmers must be able to rely on their machinery – even in difficult conditions. This machinery has to withstand the strain placed on it every day: it has to cope with dirt, stones and dust, work reliably in a wide range of weather conditions and withstand all kinds of shocks.

Total Quality Solution:
Sealed Hub for Agriculture

NSK's customised flanged bearing unit with integrated shaft sealing and 40 ° contact angle. This unit has been specially designed to be maintenance free and to fit the customer's equipment for the exacting demands of agricultural use.

Our Innovations:
Flanged bearing units for cultivators in sowing systems
EM Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings
EW Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Taper Roller Bearings

Courtesy of Kverneland

Sowing & Fertilising

Sowing and fertilising

The sowing stage is crucial for plant growth. While the timing and weather are important, the use of seed drills also ensures that the farmer will be able to reap a rich harvest. Modern seed drills measure out the quantity of seeds, ensuring that they are distributed evenly. This means that valuable seeds do not go to waste and the plants have the space they need for optimum growth.

Due to their wide variety of uses, seed-spacing drills face particular challenges. As well as adjusting to a wide range of soils and cultivation methods, they have to be reliable and robust. In addition, they have to sow all types of seed precisely.

Before and after sowing, the soil is fertilised to boost the range of nutrients available to the plants. This usually enables farmers to generate higher yields and faster growth. However, flexible agricultural machinery is needed to ensure that the fertilising process is effective, economical and ecological.

Total Quality Solution:
Double-row angular-contact ball bearing

NSK double-row angular-contact ball bearings offer outstanding protection against contamination, reduce wear on the raceway and the balls’ surface, limit noise and vibrations, and minimise the risk of lubricant failure. They can absorb radial and axial forces in both directions. This technology helps farmers to achieve optimum results.

Our Innovations:
Self-Lube® Units
Self-Lube® Inserts with Flinger Seals
High Capacity Deep Groove Ball Bearings - HR Series
Disc Harrow Bearings

Sowing and fertilising


NSK Bearings for Combine Harvesters

The harvest is the most important event of the year for any farmer. This is when they can see whether their hard work over the previous months has paid off.
However, farmers can also optimise their results by boosting the effectiveness and economic efficiency of their harvesting. This means they need agricultural machinery of the highest technical standard.

The combine harvester is the most important machine for harvesting grain, rape, maize and other agricultural crops. This single machine is capable of completing several tasks. Combine harvesters are exposed to extreme loads during harvesting. Nevertheless, it is imperative that they do not fail. Every day – and every hour – counts.

Total Quality Solution:
Flanged bearing unit

NSK’s newly developed flanged bearing units can cope with the most exacting requirements. A special seal with an outer facing flinger makes them ideal for use in dusty conditions and to harvest a range of crops.

Our Innovations:
Taper Roller Bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearings



Field choppers

Field choppers have proven to be particularly valuable for harvesting renewable plants, primarily grass, alfalfa, maize and whole-crop silage. The harvested crops are fed to the chopping unit, where a fast-rotating chopping drum shreds the material. During the harvest, field choppers have to work reliably – whatever the terrain and whatever the raw material.

Total Quality Solution:
Pulley Bearings

NSK’s innovative pulleys help to ensure that machinery operates reliably. The seal on the angular contact ball bearings prevents contaminants from entering the components and guarantees usability. The bearings are designed and work like a pair of single-row angular-contact ball bearings with a reinforced outer ring in an O-shape. However, they offer more reliable performance.

Our Innovations:
Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts
EW Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Field Chopper

Hay & Silage

Hay and silage

NSK Bearings for haymaking machines

Self-propelled large-scale reapers are the most commonly used haymaking machines. They ensure that the grass is cut and can be used as animal fodder over winter.
The cuttings are left out in the fields for several days before they are brought in to dry in the air. To ensure they dry quickly, the cuttings are repeatedly turned by tedders and formed into windrows by rotary swathers. It is important that the machines adjust optimally to the terrain. In conjunction with the machine suspension, this ensures that the hay is not damaged and the fodder is not contaminated.

Once the cuttings are dry, balers are normally used to form the hay into round or square bales, which can weigh up to several hundred kilos. The hay can then be stored for over a year and used as valuable feed for livestock.

Total Quality Solution:
Inserts with a triple-lip seal

Bearings with NSK’s innovative triple-lip seal are ideal for combine harvesters and rotary swathers. They protect the bearings from contamination including dust, dirt and water, thereby ensuring a longer service life. At the same time, they lengthen the replenishing time intervals, which helps to cut servicing costs.

Our Innovations:
Self-Lube® Units
NSKHPS Series Spherical Roller Bearings
Double row angular contact ball bearings

Hay and silage


Agri Disc Hub

Customised flanged bearing unit - Specially designed to be maintenance free in agricultural conditions. >>

Disc Harrow Bearings

Specially designed where a robust assembly is necessary to cope with the arduous conditions. >>

Special Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Designed with various different features and characteristics depending on individual customer requirements. >>

Pulley Bearings

The seals on these angular contact ball bearings prevent the ingress of dirt and guarantee an optimum service life. >>

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The sealing system of double row angular contact ball bearings prevents the ingress of dirt and ensures an optimum service life. >>

Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Equipped with different characteristics depending on individual customer requirements. >>

Flanged Bearing Unit for Agriculture

Equipped with a special seal and outboard, or outer facing flinger, this bearing unit is designed to be used in dusty conditions. >>

Flanged Unit for Cultivators - Sowing Systems

Specifically designed for cultiators in sowing systems this bearing unit enables different crops to be cultivated and sown in a single operation. >>

Special Double Row TRB for Tractor Gearbox

Long life bearing - designed to make handling and fitting into the housing easier, saving time and money. >>

Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts

Sealed inserts are perfect for applications where bearings are exposed to heavy dust and water contamination.  >>

Self-Lube® Units

A versatile range of housings and inserts, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.  >>

Self-Lube® Inserts with Flinger Seals

Especially designed to provide the insert with additional protection from external contaminants.  >>

NSKHPS Series Roller Bearings

NSKHPS series or high performance standard uses state of the art material technology bearings, offering high speed & load ratings.  >>

High Capacity - HR Series

Larger rolling elements increase the dynamic load rating - helping improve machinery life performance.  >>

EW Series Roller Bearings

Features high load carrying capability and high performance pressed steel cage.  >>

EM Series Roller Bearings

Features high load ratings and quiet running with precision machined tough one-piece cage.  >>
  • Agri Disc Hub Bearing Units

    Custom-Built and Field-Proven - NSK provides you with exactly the right Agri Disc Hub bearing units to meet your requirements >>

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