A large manufacturer of automotive engines was having increasing reliability issues with its machining centres. This had a severe effect on manufacturing output resulting in increased costs and reduced machine productivity. Following a failed bearing analysis it was revealed that the cutting fluid was entering the bearing which was severely
affecting the lubrication. NSK proposed a sealed spindle bearing with significant improvements in bearing life.

Key Facts

  • Machining Centre Vertical Spindle
  • Malfunction of the machine due to coolant that entering the bearing
  • NSK Solution: Sealed Super Precision Bearings
  • Increased life-time
  • Reduced down-time
  • Cost saving for bearings and maintenance
  • Machining Center Vertical Spindle
  • Sealed Super Precision Bearing

Value Proposals

  • Realisation of an AIP Process Map
  • NSK Failed Bearing Analysis showed damage to the lubrication due to coolant entering the bearing
  • NSK proposed Sealed Super Precision Bearings
  • Implementation of training for the Super Precision Bearing´s mounting process
  • Machine design consultancy for associated housing components

Product Features

  • Non-contact seals
  • Time saving: Bearing mounting time 4 × faster and contamination through poor handling eliminated
  • Non-contact seals provide valuable protection; reducing raceway and ball surface wear, noise and vibration, lubricant breakdown
  • No speed reduction due to non-contact seals
  • Improved spindle performance
  • Operates between horizontal and vertical positions
  • Sealed bearings prevent grease migration in vertical spindles, promote temperature stability and provide higher accuracy machining
  • Longer grease life: extended by 50% with sealed bearings

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Old bearing costs €21.816 New bearing costs €7.224
Bearing life 4 months Bearing life More than 1 year
54 replacements × 4 hours / replacement × € 50/h €10.800 12 replacements × 4 hours / replacement × € 50/h €2.400
Production costs: 54 replacements
× 4 hours / replacement × € 1.000/h
€216.000 Production costs: 12 replacements
× 4 hours / replacement × € 1.000/h
Total Costs €248.816 €57.624



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