Support Unit for Ball Screws

NSK Support Units provide all parts required for mounting Ball Screws as a set to machines: support units for light load & small equipment as well as ball screw support units for heavy load- and machine tool applications. Our Support Units provide both fixed- and support-side-bearing assemblies to support screw shafts.

NSK range of Support Units include: Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings, Precision Bearings, etc.

For a detailed product description, please see below.

NSK Ball Screws - Tutorial: How to install (For high accuracy installation, please follow our catalogue instructions)

BSBD Series Ball Screw Support Bearing

Ball Screw Support bearings - designed to be compact, ready for easy & accurate installation, greased for life, with low friction and heat generation sealing. >>

NSKTAC-SHR series of Ball Screw Support Bearings for High Load Application

The NSKTAC-HR series has been developed for support ball screws operating under high loads. The new NSKTAC-SHR series allow users to maintain high capacity performance with a smaller diameter of the screw shaft end. >>

Support Units for Light Loads and Small Equipment

Support unit for light loads and small equipment, aligned with standard angular contact ball bearings; low dust emission type for clean environments and low profile type also available.   

The technical details are available in the General Ballscrew Catalogue and can be downloaded from there

NSKTAC Series for Heavy Loads & Machine Tools

Heavy load support unit developed for machine tools incorporating NSKTAC Series.

NSKTAC03 Series for Heavy Loads

A series of high-load capacity, angular contact thrust ball bearings that deliver optimal support for Ball Screws under heavy load conditions.

Support Units for Ball Screws - Catalogue

Ball Screw Support Bearings


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