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The end customer is a specialist in the field of glass recycling in Germany at multiple sites. The regular maintenance of the conveyor and sorting systems is carried out by the in-house workshop service team with conventional tools. After the inspection of the maintenance process, NSK recommended to train the service staff and to use the NSK mounting and dismounting tools. After the training and the implementation of the NSK mounting tools the customer achieved time savings during mounting and a lower failure rate of the bearings due to correct storage. This resulted in longer bearing lifetime and lower maintenance costs.

Glas recycling
  • Glass Recycling
AIP+ Fitting Tools FTN333
  • AIP+ Fitting Tools FTN333

Key Facts

  • Conveyor systems in the field of glass recycling
  • Very dusty and dirty environment
  • Poor bearing storage methods (fist in, first out principle)
  • Staff not trained in handling of rolling element bearings
  • Repairs and maintenance are carried out using common standard tools

Value Proposals

  • The correct use of the NSK Mounting & Dismounting Tools
  • Staff training in the correct method of storing rolling element bearings
  • Staff training in the correct mounting and dismounting of rolling element bearings

Product Features

  • Time saved during mounting and dismounting the rolling element bearings
  • Correct mounting methods of rolling element bearings prolongs life
  • Lower failure rate due to correct storage practices
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs 2 000 € Bearing Costs 2 000 €
Engineering Costs 3 200 € Engineering Costs 800 €
Other Costs: Standard Tool 140 € Other Costs: NSK Mounting Tools 720 €
Total Costs 5 340 € 3 520 €