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At an iron ore port facility in Australia, a bend pulley on a ship loading conveyor was determined to have only 6 months operating life before an exchange was determined to be necessary, due to heavy iron ore particle ingress and water contamination in the lubricant leading to short operating life. NSK Engineering designed a Spherical Roller Bearing for the ship loading conveyor application that offered the Hi-TF material solution and removable nitrile (HNBR) garter sprung seals to extend the operating life. Tough Steel is an effective countermeasure to the wear commonly found on the outer ring raceway, where the fixed load zone material wears under fine particle ingress.

ship loading conveyor
  • Ship Loading Conveyor
SRB - Detachable Seal
  • Spherical Roller Bearing - Detachable Seal

Key Facts

  • A bend pulley on a ship loading conveyor only had a 6 months operating life before it had to be exchanged
  • NSK investigated the bearing failure and found out that ingress in the lubricant lead to the short operating life
  • Short operating life which requires regular and costly maintenance man hours and lost production costs
  • NSK Solution: Spherical Roller Bearings in H-TF material with removable nitrile seal
  • Increase of bearing life time

Value Proposals

  • NSK proven removable garter sprung seals provided port facility end user
  • Ability to check radial internal clearance during fitting using feeler gauges
  • Seal wear compensation by sprung lip
  • Lip contact pressure maintained under misalignment
  • NSK Sealed Spherical Roller bearings were installed and achieved 12 months operation life

Product Features

  • Compatibility with conventional products
  • Long-Life NSK material technology
  • NSK sealing technology
  • Bolt-fastened seal holder to remove sealing during assembly
  • Withstand harsh conditions
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs € 3 511 Bearing Costs € 3 074
Costs of lost production € 85 049 Costs of lost production € 28 350
Other Costs € 30 607 Other Costs € 10 368
Total Costs € 119 167 € 41 791