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A customer in Central America, in the Quarrying and Mining industry, was experiencing reliability problems due to recurring bearing failures in its vibrating screens. The existing bearings failed after only 8 months. NSK engineers worked closely with the customer, analysing the failure, and recommended the VS series of bearings, designed to withstand aggressive operating conditions.

  • Vibrating Screen
Spherical Roller Bearings, SRB, Long Life, VS, Foto Japan, 874x555
  • Spherical Roller Bearing - Vibrating Screen Series

Key Facts

  • The bearings work in a vibrating screen under the severe environment of vibration and contamination
  • The bearings failed every 8 months
  • This caused production stoppages of more than 8 hrs for each bearing failure
  • NSK engineers analysed the application together with the customer in order to increase the reliability of the application
  • NSK recommended the use of Spherical Roller Bearing - VS series which are designed to withstand aggressive operating conditions
  • After NSK bearings VS series had been installed, the application bearing life that bearing life was increased twice

Value Proposals

  • NSK supported the customer during the bearing inspection
  • NSK provided an objective failure analysis with root cause identification and recommendations
  • It was recommend to exchange the exiting bearings by NSK Spherical Roller Bearings - VS series
  • Twice the service life of conventional bearings
  • With an improved bearing performance and equipment reliability
  • This led to significant annual cost savings

Product Features

  • Spherical Roller Bearings - VS series are manufactured from ultra clean steel for optimal fatigue resistance and long life
  • Precision machined tough one piece brass cage, contoured roller pockets
  • Improved surface roughness on rollers & inner & outer ring
  • Special heat treatment rollers, prevent cracks from vibrations & shock loads
  • Self aligning ability with floating guide ring, controlled roller skew
  • Internal radial clearance set at 2/3 ISO standard bearings
  • Outer dimensions set at 1/2 of ISO standard bearings
  • 40mm - 200mm bore diameter
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs € 1 222 Bearing Costs € 1 018
Engineering Costs € 35 Engineering Costs € 0
Costs of lost production € 72 774 Costs of lost production € 0
Total Costs € 74 031 € 1 018