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At a large German steelworks, the back-up rolls in a cold rolling mill continually failed after a short time. The purchasing department requested the use of competitor bearings for cost reasons. NSK checked the application and found out that the competitor bearings were running uneven after only a short period of use. NSK recommended to use back-up rollers, which can be reground several times. It is common that within this application bearings are turned and reground. The NSK bearings are now running for up to 1.5 years without any unplanned failures. Unplanned stoppages and maintenance cost have been reduced.

Double-Row Cylinder Roller Bearing with optimised innerring sidebar
  • Cold Rolling Mill
Cold Rolling Mills
  • Back-up rolls - cylindrical roller bearing

Key Facts

  • In a cold rolling mill of a German steelworks competitor bearings failed after a very short time of runing
  • The purchasing department requested the use of these bearings for cost reasons
  • NSK reviewed the application recommended to use NSK back-up rollers which can be reground several times
  • Within this application it is common to turn the bearings after 4-6 weeks and re-grind them up to 10 times
  • The NSK bearings were running for around 1.5 years without any failures

Value Proposals

  • NSK engineering inspected the application and the bearings to find the root cause of failure
  • Suggested to use NSK back-up rolls with a high running accuracy
  • As a result the bearing life was increased to more than 1.5 years

Product Features

  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings, 2- or 3-rows
  • Special designed shields
  • Enhanced running accuracy
  • Paired on axes
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs € 244 592 Bearing Costs € 134 296
Engineering Costs € 7 200 Engineering Costs € 600
Costs of lost production € 48 000 Costs of lost production € 4 000
Total Costs € 299 792 € 138 896